Foreign Origin Issue



The electoral verdict 2004 is out. The Indian National Congress is the single largest political party in the 13th Lok Sabha. It also has support of more than 50% of the elected MPS. Mrs. Sonia Manio Gandhi, the President of the INC has been elected the leader to CPP and she has the numbers with her. That automatically pitchforks her to the PM's seat. In a couple of days that becomes a reality.



But is it odd? What is the hue and cry about her being of foreign origin? We, the inhabitants of the Continent of Circe have a nearly 5000 years of virtually unbroken history and tradition of being ruled by foreigners. Starting with the Aryans followed by a brief unsuccessful attempt by the Greeks, India has been ruled by foreigners, including the Persians, Turkish, Afghans, Mughals, English, French, Dutch, Portuguese etc. The only difference being that while some made India their home, others came to loot and take away her wealth and riches.



As such, the main issues facing the country today is not Mrs. Gandhi's foreign origins, but :-



a) Does Sonia have the proven track record of being an able politician and leader?


b) Does INC have a programme of governance?


c) Does INC have a winning team in place?


d) Would the inevitable coalition government be stable?


e) Does the polling results show that people of India want Sonia as PM?



Unfortunately for ( We The People of India ) the answers to all these questions is a Big Resounding NO, in block capitals with no spelling mistakes....



a) Sonia came into politics by default after death of her husband. Apart from the surname, she has no experience of running democratic institutions, including political parties.



b) The alliance which is seeking to run the country did not have a pre-poll Common Minimum Programme and were at each others necks till before the polls. What has brought them together is prospects of enjoying the spoils of a hung parliament.



c) Not one leader in the INC has local grass root support or a national appeal. They have many good, able and well meaning people, but the road to hell is often paved with good intentions.



d) Lastly, the poll results have thrown up INC as the single largest party by default and not by design by the Indian populace.



The fact that the numbers add up in support to Sonia Manio Gandhi becoming the Prime Minister of India, is a sheer case of Sanity not being Statistical.











Now ponder over this ......



Indian PM of 2014 . . . . . . . Quite Logical ! ! ! ! !



Al Qaeda stages a military coup in Pakistan. Promises to hang Musharaff for talking peace with India. Pervez Musharaff asks for American help. America is caught up in its presidential elections. UK doesn't want to help too, as election is due anytime. So the US president requests India to help Musharaff. Not wanting to antagonise America, India provides shelter to Musharaff. Al Qaeda labels Musharaff as a traitor.



Musharaff is flown to India. Is provided a high security home in Shimla by the Government of India. He praises India sky high for helping him in his hour of need. He becomes the toast of Indian Media. Musharaff loves the adulation.



John Kerry wins the US election. Decides to withdraw troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. Talks of leaving Al Qaeda alone as long as they don't impede peace in the western world.



Musharaff sees no scope of returning to Pakistan. So decides to stay put in India. Champions the cause of democracy, liberal thinking and peace in TV debates, press interviews and conferences.



In recognition of his work of being the sole voice of dissent against Al Qaeda, the Nobel Prize committee awards him the Nobel Peace Prize.



Yesterday's military man becomes the new poster boy for peace. Musharaff profusely thanks India for it. Showcases India as the next big melting pot from all international fora. Becomes the darling of the Indian media.



Delhi Outlook Magazine does a cover story on him titled 'The Indian Ataturk' in which Musharaff expresses his desire to become an Indian citizen. Al Qaeda is livid. Issues a fatwa against Musharaff for this act of treachery.



The clamour grows for granting him citizenship.



The Government of India clarifies that like all foreign citizens, he will be granted citizenship only after 10 years of residence in India.



Musharaff declares 'if that be the case, i will wait for a few more years.' Exactly 10 years after his defection to India, Musharaff becomes a legal citizen of India.



Pervez Musharaff's popularity soars. Political parties like Samaj Party, RJDI and BSPI woo him to join their party. Musharaff gives in. Joins Samaj Party. Contests the 2014 Lok Sabha elections from the very rural Etawah in Uttar Pradesh. Wins elections with a thumping majority.



The 2014 Lok Sabha elections throw up a hung parliament. Samaj Party holds the key with 60 seats. Forms a rainbow coalition with all the ' leftist and other progressive forces' in India. And stakes claim to run India. Pervez Musharaff, being the most distinguished gentleman, is automatically elected as the Leader of the Samaj Party in Parliament.



The President of India, invites the 'Progressive Front' to form the government. Samaj Party, by virtue of being the single largest party in the coalition, gets to decide who's Prime Minister. Samaj Party announces Pervez Musharaff as the Prime Minister.



There are mild roars of protest across India. Leftists point out that 'if a foreigner named Sonia Gandhi could be Prime Minister in 2004, why not Pervez Musharaff?'



The Hindu South writes a stirring editorial in support of Musharaff saying 'respect the people's verdict'



NDTVI argues that by electing Musharaff, India will be getting its first Nobel prize winning Prime Minister.



A stunned and silent India accepts Musharaff as its Prime Minister wat do u say guyz?? keep thinking !!! sounds logical ......



Few more Qs .....



Do you think if Rahul marries a foreign lady ... ( LOVE parr kiska bass chalta hai ??? ) .... Can she become Prime Minister of India in the coming decades just because she has a particular surname or has affiliation to a particular ruling dynasty of India ..... ??????


Think ..... Think ....... What's wrong in it ????????